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SPF and UPF Ratings

Most people have heard of the term Sun Protection Factor or SPF. They've seen it on bottles of SPF15 sunscreen or maybe seen a rating on the hang tag of a shirt in the past. Like SPF ratings, UPF also measures the amount of Ultra-violet exposure from the sun a certain material guards against. The main difference between the two is going to be the method used to test the rating. SPF uses human subjects while UPF uses spectrophotometer equipment instead of humans to create more accurate measurements.

At Podium, we use UPF ratings for all of our jerseys. All Rec Jerseys use CROSS-DRY™ fabrics with a UPF rating of UPF25+.

Protection Category UPF Range UPF Values Allowed on Labels
Approximate % UV Blocked
Good UV Protection
15 - 24
15 and 20
93.3% - 95.8%
Very Good UV Protection
25 - 39
25, 30 and 35
96.0% - 97.4%
Excellent UV Protection
40 - 50+
40, 45, 50 and 50+
97.5% - 98.0%

Recycled Fabrics

Podium Cycling is happy to offer Repreve as part of its fabric options. Repreve is a recycled fiber that contains recycled materials—including post-industrial waste and used plastic bottles. Their goal is to provide a reprieve for the planet. Their fabric is a high quality, looks good and feels soft. For more information visit their website at http://www.repreve.com.